Sugar-Free Frosting Mix - Tips and FAQ

For the best results with our frosting mixes, read these!

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The instructions on the package are for the full package (4 servings of frosting).

For a super-sweet icing, just use the milk as instructed, and omit the shortening. Keep in mind, the icing will be very sweet, and you'll probably want to use it more sparingly.

For an indulgent, fluffy frosting, also add the shortening as instructed.

For a creamy topping, the frosting mix can be combined with Greek yogurt. (Without milk will be creamier, milk + Greek yogurt will be a runnier icing.)

For an indulgent whipped cream topping, add one packet of mix to 1/2 cup heavy whipping cream, and whip it up! 

The frosting in the package photos was prepared following the main directions on the back of the frosting mix (with milk + palm shortening).

Palm shortening is palm oil in solid form. We've had great success with Spectrum Organic (Palm) Shortening, which is non-hydrogenated. Other shortenings should also work. 

Our collection of frosting mixes can be found here: Sugar-Free Frosting Mixes

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