Sugar-Free Frosting Mix - Value Size Bags

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Love our sugar-free frosting? Order Value Size bags and save!

What you get: 24 servings of Sugar-Free Frosting Mix in a larger pouch, with a convenient scoop! Each Value Size bag frosts a total of 24 cupcakes. 1 scoop mix = 1 smaller pouch.

How to make it: Make it your way! 

  • As a fluffy frosting: prepare with milk (any kind, vegan or dairy) and palm shortening
  • As a super-sweet icing: prepare with milk only
  • As cream-cheese frosting: mix one scoop of frosting mix with one tablespoon milk. Let sit for 5 minutes to fully hydrate. Add 1/3 of 8oz bar of Neufchâtel cheese and 1/3 stick of butter (both at room temperature). If the frosting is too sweet for your taste, and a little more butter and Neufchâtel. 

WW: 0 SP per serving for the mix alone or prepared with milk only, 5 SP when prepared with palm shortening.

For Best Results: Read our Sugar-Free Frosting Mix - Tip and FAQ

Best By dates: Vanilla 5/19, Lemon 4/19, Peanut Butter 9/19

*New packaging is coming soon!