Sugar-Free Frosting Mix - Chocolate

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If you've ever purchased store-bought chocolate frosting with the sole intent of eating it with a spoon, this is your lighter, fluffier, sugar-free version. Make it with palm shortening as directed. Thank me later.

What you get: One packet of frosting mix, 47g, makes ~½ cup of frosting (4 servings) or ~¼ cup icing.

How to make it: Make it your way! Three options are listed on the package.

  • As a fluffy frosting: prepare with milk (any kind, vegan or dairy) and palm shortening
  • As a super-sweet icing: prepare with milk only
  • As a creamy topping: prepare with milk and Greek yogurt, or Greek yogurt alone.
  • *new* sub the palm shortening with one pureed avocado (150g) for sugar-free chocolate pudding!

Why you’ll love it: All the flavor of traditional chocolate frosting, without the sugar highs or guilt! Make it as indulgent sugar-free frosting or as a low-cal icing. 

For best results:Read our Sugar-Free Frosting Mix - Tips and FAQ

Ingredients: erythritol, whey protein isolate, cocoa processed with alkali, inulin (prebiotic fiber) from Jerusalem artichoke, sea salt, natural flavor. Contains: Milk. Packaged in a facility containing wheat, milk, soy, eggs, peanuts, and tree nuts. Lab tested gluten-free. Non-GMO.

Serving size: ¼ package (~2 tablespoons frosting or 1 tablespoon icing). Nutrition label shows dry mix and as prepared with palm shortening as frosting.

WW: 0 SP per serving for the mix alone or prepared with milk only, 5 SP when prepared with palm shortening.

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