Protein Cookie Dough Chocolate Cups

Protein Cookie Dough Chocolate Cups

Delicious chocolate cups filled with protein cookie dough! Easy to make with our convenient protein cookie mix.

One packet of cookie mix makes 12 chocolate cups.

What you need:   

How to make it: 

  1. Prepare the cookie dough as directed on the package (with butter or nut butter). 
  2. Portion the cookie dough into 12 pieces. Roll each and flatten, so they are just smaller than the size of the cupcake liner. Set aside.
  3. Melt chocolate. If using a microwave, be sure to use 10-15 seconds intervals so it doesn't overheat.
  4. You'll need 8-10g chocolate per cup. Put 4-5g melted chocolate in the cup, and press a cookie dough circle into it so the chocolate comes up the sides (see photo).
  5. Cover with remaining 4-5g chocolate, and smooth over the top.
  6. Repeat for all 12 pieces.
  7. Refrigerate to set, about 20-30 minutes or more. 
  8. Enjoy! Store refrigerated.

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