Protein bread mix
    "It is delicious! I will buy again !"
    Jodi G.
    So happy to hear that, Jodi. Thanks for your review!
    - Andréa's Protein Cakery
      "Was simple, delicious and overall best to give and get!"
      Javier H.
      Vanilla cupcakes w choc chip frosting
        "Amazing. Made the vanilla cupcakes from the mix and then used cream cheese with the choc chip mix to make a frosting. Wasn't dry and tasteless, as is the risk with many protein recipes. Kept great in the fridge and tasted great even days later. Would def buy and make again. "
        Megan C.
        Thanks so much for the great review, Megan!
        - Andréa's Protein Cakery
        vanilla bean protein cake
          "Tasted great, used liquid egg whites...made cake a little dense but still delicious; I think I'll try request egg whites next time. Looking forward to trying other products! "
          Shelley U.
          Hi Shelley,

          So happy to hear you like the mix, and thank you for sharing your photo!

          - Andréa's Protein Cakery
          Love it
            "I like that I can flavor and sweeten it how I like because of the neutral flavor. It bakes great! "
            Brianne H.
            Cupcakes fit into my diet!
              "Love this stuff! I can now have a sweet treat in place of my fat from nuts I get a day. I made cupcakes and they are awesome! "
              Brenna M.
              So cute
                "I got this cookie cutter and it's adorable! I made healthy cookies with different Protein Cakery mixes for my clients and they loved them."
                Just like the real thing
                  "My husband is a really picky eater and never trusts me when I tell him a healthy food 'tastes like the real thing'. So when I made these, he reluctantly tried one...then ate a bunch more. Success!!"
                  Easy and tasty
                    "I like baking for myself but some days you are just lazy you know? After I made these delicious treats, I had to stop myself from eating them all in one sitting."
                      "These were SO good! I am crazy for anything Snickerdoodle, and these are spot on with their taste. I couldn't believe how good they were! I kept checking the nutrition label because you would expect them to be terrible for you with how yummy they are, but nope! Trainer/Nutritionist approved!!"
                        "Loved these and and made a great snack with fewer carbs. Will be buying this again."
                        Terry J.
                          "The mix made it super easy to make and cut down my prep time significantly! I love a good short cut, and the cake tastes great too!"
                          Christen F.
                          So happy you like the mix, Christen! And I love this photo - my kind of meal prep! :)
                          - Andréa's Protein Cakery
                            "I really like these, especially heated up in the microwave, they taste just like the original ones that have all the sugar!"
                            Tiffany C.
                            So happy to hear this! Thanks for your review. :)
                            - Andréa
                            - Andréa's Protein Cakery
                              "great recipes, totally awesome"
                              Emma P.
                              Kettlebell Protein Cookie Kit
                                "It arrived so quickly! I purchased as a Christmas gift for a friend of mine who recently opened her own gym! Such a perfect little gift! Now I need to order another for myself :)!"
                                Makaria B.
                                Love it!
                                  "This protein was perfect for my baking needs! "
                                  Tracey N.
                                    "I used the mix to make protein muffins, and they turned out great! I added the cream cheese protein frosting, which perfected them! Light and very flavourful, without being too sweet. "
                                    Laura S.
                                    These look great, Laura! Thanks so much for sharing the photo. Happy to hear you enjoyed the mix!
                                    - Andréa's Protein Cakery
                                    Protein Kettlebell Cookies!
                                      "This was such a fun way to reward my clients (and myself). Just because it's the holidays doesn't mean we have to fall off with clean eating!!"
                                      Katie D.
                                      Protein cookie dough
                                        "Shipped fast and was easy to make. Very good! "
                                        Katelyn M.
                                        Whey Protein Powder
                                          "Loved baking with this product, it yielded fabulous results and I plan on this being my new "go-to" for all my baking needs! Bravo to Protein Cakery!"
                                          Paige A.
                                          Great tasting, healthy product
                                            "Great tasting, healthy product"
                                            Diane A.
                                            Whey protein for baking and shakes
                                              "Great product. Loved how I could add flavoring to make it a flavored protein. Baked well and was super yummy! "
                                              Alex S.
                                              These are so good - they are bad
                                                "So... first of all, I love peanut butter. And these did not disappoint. I made the first patch too watery so I added them to the freezer and turned them into protein fudge (oh yeah - just awesome). If you have not have tried Andrea's protein fudge - you are missing out. Batch two turned into regular cookie dough balls and they were also fantastic. But truth - the fudge was better. So batch three - added more water and added to my mini muffin tin Now I have frozen protein peanut butter cookie dough balls. Heaven in a small package. "
                                                Jennifer C.
                                                So happy to hear you like them, and I love the idea of making these into fudge! Thanks so much for sharing, Jennifer! :)
                                                - Andréa's Protein Cakery
                                                  "I love trying the recipes in here and can't wait to try the others :) I highly recommend this "
                                                  Carmen P.
                                                    "They were super tasty! And the macros for this product are on point. I will definitely be ordering it and these again soon. "
                                                    Katie D.
                                                    Love this bread!
                                                      "I love the Honey Oat bread, it is one of my favorite products. It is so easy to make and is so versatile. I like to use it for bread for my breakfast. The texture is a bit dense and it takes butter well. There is a slight honey taste which adds that little bit of extra to it! I have even made these as mufflins and they came out great!"
                                                      Emily S.
                                                      Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Protein Bites Mix
                                                        "Loved these! Such a delicious treat to help my sweet tooth while not going crazy on something that has no nutritional value. Super easy to make and plan to purchase more in the very near future!"
                                                        Sara C.
                                                        Amazing chocolate bites
                                                          "These are so quick to make and so tasty. They fill my sweet tooth needs and make great little snacks when I'm craving a sweet."
                                                          Emily S.
                                                          Peanut butter heaven
                                                            "Love these quick make protein bites for a peanut buttery snack. Easy to make, nice and moist. Great for a small treat."
                                                            Emily S.